The Highlight-Videos website was created to help athletes throughout the country receive college scholarships by putting their best foot forward in the form of a highlight video. We have the tools to help those trying to achieve that goal. From highlight videos to player websites, there are a variety of options that we use that can help an athlete get his or her name out.

While other companies are charging thousands of dollars, Highlight-Videos provides clients with professional products at an affordable price. For instance, our combo package, which includes a recruiting website and highlight video, beats the price of many of our competitors.

We help athletes showcase the skills that college coaches are looking for. For a standard highlight video, we pull highlight clips from three full games for an athlete. For each play on the highlight reel, we highlight the player so that he or she is easily distinguishable. With college coaches having such limited time to watch recruiting highlight videos, this focused attention is vital.

We have a range of experience in the field of college athletics, including backgrounds as college athletes, coaches, and scouts. These experiences lend us a perspective that few other highlight video services can match.