How are we different from other Highlight Video companies?There is no doubt that if you search the Internet, you are going to find hundreds and probably thousands of different companies that would be happy to take your money and slop together a highlight video. But the difference in what can offer is something that is worth thinking about.

Where we have a major advantage in our service is our experience of what college coaches are looking for. With a background as in college athletics and coaching ourselves, we have an extensive knowledge of what college coaches are looking for on those highlight videos in a number of sports. We have also spent a great deal of time working with and finding out some of the hints and tips that they recommend on their site.

We also take the time to sit down and go through game tape with our highlight video package. Some companies want you to make the process as easy as possible by writing down the times and the plays that you want. While you will get every play you want, shouldn’t the hundreds if not thousands of dollars go towards having the highlight video do work?

It is also essential for us to highlight where the athlete is on the field. Some companies prefer not to use this but highlighting the athlete makes it much easier for a college coach to watch the video. If they are trying to search for you on the tape, chances are good that they are going to move on to the next recruit.

We know that the quest for a scholarship is a battle. And we will be on your side as we try to help you save time and money by keeping our prices low and having a quick turnaround. With everyone needing their highlight videos done yesterday, we have a turn around time under a week in the majority of cases.

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