With the popularity of Hudl growing over the last few years and the ease of families and athletes being able to put together their own highlight reels, it can be an essential tool to use in the journey for scholarship dollars. But with hundreds of thousands of dollars potentially on the line, do you trust your expertise to put the very best plays first that college coaches are looking for?

What the Hudl tuneup includes is re-ordering the plays for a video while cutting out dead time and making DVD copies if need be. The pricing varies from $150 to $250 depending on the length of the video, amount of plays, add-ons, and DVD copies. We also offer a much quicker turn around with the Hudl tuneup as it takes us in most cases 48 hours to complete the product. We will also send a digital copy of the video along the uploading the highlights to youtube in all cases.

Fill out our more information form by clicking here if you are interested and enjoy our Hudl tuneup sample from below: