The Video Package are made up of personalized highlight videos that college coaches are in need of. Click here about specifics regarding every one of our packages:

Gold Package – $400
Silver Package – $350
Bronze Package – $300
Online Only Video – $250
Video Tuneup – Varies
Hudl Tuneup – Varies

Before final copies of the DVD are sent/the online video is finalized, we email copies of the Highlight Video and the DVD Menus to be approved. Changes are made before the final product is sent so approval is needed before final packages are shipped.

Getting back to the actual DVD packages, here is what is included on the Gold, Silver, and Bronze video packages.

Academic information, accomplishments, statistics, and contact information

One menu of the DVD allows college coaches to learn more about an athlete and is tailored for each player. We normally include statistical information, grades, SAT/ACT score, and contact information. Here is an example of a DVD menu that we have used in the past (Click on it for a larger view):

Highlight reel

This highlight reel will come from a maximum of four full game tapes and normally will last between three to ten minutes, depending on what position that athlete plays. As seen in the Video Samples, it will highlight the athlete so that coaches will know exactly where the athlete is on their best plays. This is crucial because coaches have limited time and will not spend all day trying to figure out where a potential athlete is on the video. Here is how we highlight athletes:

Families have two options to choose from in regards to the highlight reel. You can send four of the athlete’s best game tapes and have us go through the games play by play to pick out the top tier moments for the athlete. The second option is for your family to go through up to ten games and up to 50 plays. You denote the times on each game tape and the majority of those plays will be included in the final product.

One full game tape

College coaches that are interested in offering an athletic scholarship will want to see the athlete during the entire game. They want to see for themselves if the athlete plays hard every play, not just during their top plays. This full game tape will be your choice as it is important to showcase the athlete at their best.