If you want to use the expertise and experience from Highlight-Videos.com but already have a recruiting highlight video made, then consider our highlight video tuneup. Examples of those using this tuneup include athletes who need to be highlighted on the tape (especially linemen), changing the order of the plays, videos that need to be trimmed with too much down time in between plays, and titles need to be added.

This package is for athletes that need to put a better product forward out to college coaches but at the same time don’t need a full DVD package. This is an an excellent way for a family to save money while also have an extremely professional package to showcase their skills.

The overall price of the highlight video tuneup is less expensive than our DVD packages. Please Request More Information in order for us to give you a custom quote on the cost of your package.

Below is an example of a video that we were sent that needed an athlete highlighted as well as trimming up dead time in between the plays.