The design package is made up of a personalized website that will be unique to the athlete’s name (for example, This domain registration is provided when the web design package is purchased. The site will showcase the athlete’s accomplishments in sports as well as school (they are student athletes after all). Here are other features that can be utilized:

  • Video of the athlete in action (DVD highlights included).
  • Photo gallery of the athlete in action.
  • Accomplishments in athletics and academics.
  • Updated statistics for different sports that the athlete plays.
  • Contact information of the athlete, their parents, and their coach.
  • These links can be maintained by the athlete/parents or updated by the staff. This will depend on the type of package that is purchased by the athlete. The website will also include a maximum of five other pages. We recommend providing video, stats, a photo gallery, academics, and contact information on the site. Potential extras that may be purchased include an email account at the web address, a contact us form for coaches, additional photo gallery pictures, additional video highlights, extra pages, and monthly web statistics to see who is visiting the site.

Here is an example of a prospect website that showcases what the athlete has to offer to college coaches:


The price of the personalized website is $400 price includes having the athlete/parent update the stats and the newspaper links, which we will provide instructions on. If you decide to combine this with the Video Package (which will be prominently shown on your website), you can save $100 and the Design and Video Package would cost only $700.

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